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About Us... Healthy Food Truck

Nurish fresh eats is the only healthy food truck in the greater phoenix area and is ready to serve some great tasting whole-foods at your next event. If you're tired of having greasy food at your corporate or private events and want some high quality healthy food options please reach out to us. We're proud to serve fresh and high quality food from our healthy food truck.


We specialize in catering and private events big and small. Have us come serve some delicious and healthy bowls at your next corporate or private event! Or, if you’re planning to cater meals in the office or for friends, we can deliver some individually packaged bowls to you, or you can come pick them up. The next time you’re thinking of catering meals or planning an event reach out to us!


If you're in the Phoenix area, follow us on our socials @nurishfresheats for updates! We can't wait to serve you!

Victoria and Reid

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